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The White Plains Cares Coalition has been working to “Protect Our  Youth” for the past decade and the efforts are paying off!  We hope you  will spend some time and browse through our site.  Click on the following links to learn more about some of the strategies that have been implemented to get community-wide results:

1. Parent Empowerment Campaign: campaign to remind parents of the important role they play when their children are making decisions on the choices they should make
2. Red Ribbon Month: a month long celebration of the power of positive youth development and the positive choices White Plains youth are making everyday
3. Bullying Prevention: Community-wide education and prevention strategy to prevent the devastating impact of bullying
4. White Plains READS! Literacy Initiative: Initiative to support the White Plains School District’s goal of removing/ reducing the educational achievement gap
5. Youth Court: a positive alternative to reducing youth incarceration

6. NEW! White Plains ComicFest: A unique initiative aimed at reaching youth who may be on he fringes of main stream youth groups becuase of their unique interests in comic books, anime, graphics, cosplay, gaming etc…

Don’t have the time? Give us 5 minutes to watch this video and get a brief overview of the strategies and outcomes!

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The work of the White Plains Cares Coalition has been made possible by grants and funding from federal, state, and local organizations: click each to learn more about these organizations:

1. SAMHSA: Federal agency providing funding to address local substance abuse related issues
2. NY STATE OASAS: State agency dedicated to addressing substance abuse issues
3. WESTCHESTER COUNTY DEPT. OF COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH: Local agency working to address community mental health & substance abuse factors